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EVIMERO is a newly developed ecosystem based on the digital cryptocurrency of the same name. Years of experience in trading and dealing with cryptocurrencies went into the development of EVIMERO to establish crucial improvements and new approaches.

EVIMERO combines an interdisciplinary team of competent experts from the financial sector and also from other technology areas such as IT and engineering. Our research department is staffed by crypto and blockchain specialists who have been active in the relevant financial markets of this world for decades.

The goal of EVIMERO from the beginning is to give something back. We achieve this through our foundation, which focuses on ecology and sustainable development.

Helbling GmbH forms the umbrella for this group of experts and thus the foundation for the innovative token of a new kind.

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EVIMERO as an investment opportunity

EVIMERO enables all token holders to directly participate in the underlying performance of our investment portfolio, which was initially launched by Helbling GmbH and is constantly being expanded by additional strategic partners. This gives EVIMERO real substance.

Thus, they benefit from various opportunities and advantages such as passive accumulation of Evimero and BNB tokens. Furthermore, EVIMERO allows staking due to its underlying proof-of-stake concept. This is understood to mean leaving or storing cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time. In return, a regular return is issued to the staker. This is similar to the concept of interest in a financial investment. Thus, long-term investments in EVIMERO become even more interesting.

Furthermore, a deflationary process and spending plan and the creation of multifunctional NTFs offers further growth.

Investment processes and technologies are evolving rapidly these days. The EVIMERO ecosystem and its stakeholders are helping to actively shape change by trusting in this native utility token.

Sustainability of EVIMERO

Many cryptocurrencies require an enormous amount of energy for mining to generate the coins. This would not fit the fundamentally sustainable character of EVIMERO. For this reason, a fixed number of 10 billion tokens was generated. It is technically impossible to generate more tokens. Energy-intensive mining is therefore not required.

A burn fee (1%) on each transaction always cuts off a small portion and "burns" it, making the remaining tokens worth more. In addition, 2% of each transaction is returned to the EVIMERO ecosystem for marketing allocations. Unlike a tax, the transaction fee continuously increases the value of EVIMERO. With common fiat currencies, there is a risk of uncontrolled money supply increase. This is technically impossible in the EVIMERO ecosystem.

Certainly, the question could arise whether the deflationary process will cause the tokens to run out at some point. This is prevented by the fact that the tokens can be subdivided and these shares can be traded on.

This is also solved in this way for well-known cryptocurrencies. Many investors would not be willing to buy a "whole" token or coin, for example, if the prices exceed a certain amount. Therefore, we see a subdivision as useful and have integrated this mechanism into EVIMERO.

EVIMERO in your company

EVIMERO offers a sustainable, internal incentive structure. This can also ensure lasting applicability in their company.

We expect the importance of the token to increase significantly over time as our partner network continues to grow. We invite companies to benefit from EVIMERO through various applications - from performance compensation to employee micro-investments. We will report on such opportunities on our news section.

EVIMERO as a participation model

Evimero enables all token holders to directly participate in the underlying performance of our investment portfolio, which was initially launched by Helbling-GmbH and is continuously expanded by further strategic partners.

Thus, you benefit from a wide variety of tangible advantages such as a passive accumulation of Evimero and BNB tokens and our staking potential. As mentioned above, our deflationary issuance plan contributes to this. We are also taking advantage of growth opportunities in multifunctional NFTs.

Investment processes and technologies are growing and evolving rapidly. EVIMERO's stakeholders are helping to actively shape this change.


Our Evimero whitepaper provides you with a detailed description of the Evimero token, its architecture and interoperability.

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