The economy of Evimero

EVIMERO is designed as a sustainable long-term solution. A sustainable internal incentive structure ensures lasting applicability in our ecosystem. We expect the importance of the token to grow over time with the success of the participating companies as the network of partners and customers continues to grow.

For these reasons, we have chosen to distribute the tokens in a particularly balanced way with a strict vesting schedule, which maximizes the long-term benefits for all token holders. There are ten billion (10,000,000,000) EVIMERO in total, and there is no possibility of issuing more tokens in the future. This configuration makes the token a fundamentally scarce asset with clear allocation with a deflationary and therefore value enhancing character.

Distribution of EVIMERO tokens

The following figure shows the particularly balanced distribution of EVIMERO tokens of all stakeholders in the EVIMERO ecosystem. Starting with the private interested party via involved partners and consultants as well as stakeholders and the companies linked to them. High liquidity and sufficiently high escrow reserves ensure a high level of security for the EVIMERO ecosystem.

  • Liquidity (17%)

  • Seed Capital (5%)

  • Transactions (15%)

  • Helbling-GmbH (10%)

  • Private Sale (10%)

  • Foundation (10%)

  • Partner and consultant (5%)

  • Public auction (15%)

  • Trust Reserve (13%)

Allocations and distributions


Helbling-GmbH will provide 17% of the tokens for liquidity. These tokens will go to a number of centralized and decentralized partner exchanges and trading platforms, allowing sufficient market depth for EVIMERO to be traded post-market. By investing the majority of this allocation in various liquidity pools and with our exchange partners, we will successfully make the token’s presence accessible across the widest possible number of viable marketplaces. This broad availability will ensure that the token is known and adopted.

Incentives for Stakers

Of this liquidity allocation, 2% of EVIMERO tokens will be committed in a separate, allocated smart contract as additional incentives for Stakers. Holders of EVIMERO tokens can deploy them in liquidity pools. In return, they are reimbursed a portion of the transaction fees for trading in this pool. This material benefit represents another profitable usage opportunity for EVIMERO holders.

This separate allocation of 2% will accrue to liquidity providers over time and further incentivize token holders to provide liquidity to the pool.

Possible uses

At the heart of cryptocurrencies are the opportunities for use. EVIMERO offers the ability to invest in liquidity pools, as well as the ability to invest in companies directly through the website. EVIMERO token holders who interact with the smart contract can commit their tokens for one year and receive an effective 13% appreciation on their committed assets during this period.

This process offers a significantly higher return to stakers interacting with the Smart Contract compared to the investment opportunities offered by most products on the traditional financial market.

To provide long-term incentives for the team and attract the most talented consultants and professionals in the industry,

Helbling GmbH allocates 10% of the tokens to the company. This allocation is subject to a strict vesting schedule and ensures that the company creates the right incentives. After the vesting period, these tokens will be used for discretionary capital, charitable donations, and equitable redistributions. Another 5% of tokens will be allocated to partnerships and advisors and will be subject to a similarly rigorous vesting schedule to ensure the sustainability of these relationships.

In terms of further distribution from Evimeros, 5% of all tokens will be allocated to the seed sale, which will be extended to trusted partners. 10% of the tokens will go to the private sale and 15% to the public sale. These external distributions ensure sufficient decentralization of token ownership. The seed and private sale rounds are associated with vesting schedules that, while prohibitive, are more accommodating than those of team and advisor allocations. With this configuration, we are making a commitment to our investors and the community that Evimero will remain anchored in the company’s ecosystem for the long term. A 15% portion goes to operations and follows a vesting schedule that appropriately allows for the continued rollout of Evimero. This operational allocation allows for distributions, open market sales, additional liquidity, and other potential activities that serve Evimero’s best long-term interests. A 10% allocation for charitable purposes is allocated by the shareholders of Helbling-GmbH at their own discretion to promote the social purpose.


13% of the tokens remain tied up in a discretionary reserve (trust reserve). Since tokenization is just beginning, it is possible that future variables are still unknown. This allocation provides flexibility to respond to potential internal or external incentive shifts, and whether the tokens are burned over time, added to liquidity, or used to fund partnerships and network expansion, the flexibility of this allocation ensures the long-term success of the EVIMERO ecosystem.

This configuration ensures that

non-profit organizations and stakers benefit from any buyback. The corporate reserve in the form of BNB ensures that companies build a reserve in BNB to support our network in perpetuity.

In addition to this diverse and unique buyback program

a 3% tax is levied on every purchase, sale or transfer of Evimero. Of this amount, 1% is burned and the remaining 2% goes to marketing allocation.

These transactional and redemption burns work together to enable a deflationary provisioning schedule for Evimero tokens. This process causes the total number of available Evimero tokens to steadily decrease over time, enabling passive value creation for long-term token holders and users of the ecosystem. This deployment plan reflects our commitment to the sustainable success of our investors, customers, and team.