Our team shares one vision: to develop the EVIMERO token and the ideals and ideas connected with it every day ANEW. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, further ideas or strategic partnerships.

Edita Mujkic, CEO Evimero Network

Edita was born in Munich in 1995.

After various stations in her working life, Edita discovered her passion for shares and also for cryptocurrencies with the technical advantages of the blockchain early on.

The intensive engagement with the matter changed her mindset. She is working with great passion on the future perspectives, opportunities and fields of application of EVIMERO. With a strong team at her side, she wants to create real innovation. Through the added value of EVIMERO, she creates freedom and prosperity for investors and herself with a financial ecosystem she helped develop.

Slavica Lucic, Social Media Management

Slavica was born in Serbia in 1985. As a chemical laboratory technician, Slavica emigrated to Switzerland at the age of 20. Here she gained experience in the sales field and in parallel discovered her love for the crypto market. In addition to the financial prospects for investors and herself, Slavica is excited by the almost unlimited technical possibilities of cryptocurrencies, especially the sustainable ecosystem of EVIMERO.

She quickly realized that she wanted to dedicate both her professional and personal future to cryptocurrency. Always with the goal in mind to provide people with a whole new perspective through blockchain technologies, Slavica is convinced that she has found her professional destiny in the Evimero team.

Ramon Binder, Key Account Manager

Ramon was born in 1987 in Constance. After completing his vocational training, Ramon started his own business in the trade at the age of 21. In addition to his passion as a carpenter, Ramon discovered his passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies a short time later. He quickly built a name for himself in the scene, because as a team player and networker, it has always been his concern to enable people to build a stable business foundation.

This spurs Ramon on anew every day. Even more beautiful than any building is for Ramon to enable people to have a fulfilling and secure future and thereby give them the freedom to follow their true passion.


„We must learn from the past and the present in order to plan the future in the best possible way.”

Identifying unique market opportunities in new and emerging technologies is a challenge for any company. For this reason, Helbling-GmbH’s team of experts has developed a repeatable approach to developing highly differentiated forecasts and analyses of global financial markets. These documents ensure professional fund management and enable Helbling-GmbH to remain fundamentally proactive in a time of unprecedented technological innovation and upheaval. While some funds take a reactive approach and capitalize on the established momentum of emerging technologies, Helbling GmbH excels by starting in the early stages of these technologies’ development cycles, thereby significantly enhancing returns for investors.


From global climate to political structures, change has accelerated in pace, scale and scope. Inherent inadequacies in our systems are being revealed by the accelerating pace of technological progress. Much previously remained obscured because of the limitations of our capabilities as a society.

That is why the global economy has never been more ready for change. This opens up great opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of many people. With a high ethos of integrity, we are committed to ensuring that our investment activities serve the common good. We use our in-depth industry knowledge and experience with new technologies to promote people-centered development and positively impact our world. To this end, the Helbling-GmbH Foundation focuses on sustainable energy resources, ecology, and renewable energy products in both developed and emerging markets.

“If you’re doing well, you should enable good things to happen.”


“The greatest returns are usually achieved by investing in other.”

We at Evimero know that the most valuable resource on our planet is human capital. Tools and technologies are often interchangeable, but each person is unique in their mindset, interests and career path. Our individually focused and highly differentiated training helps professionals from all walks of life improve their expertise in a variety of areas. From the foreign exchange (forex) market to cryptocurrencies, the expertise of our network is ideally suited to understand the unique needs of our clients in the global marketplace. We also open up whole new approaches to their business and the possibilities of new technologies. We offer training based on modern learning methods in the areas of interpersonal communication, negotiation skills and management of business relationships. These allow for tangible results resulting from our reproducible and constantly improving professional approach and also our empathy for people.