Tokenization – the next chapter of the finance world and capital economy

Tokenization can be seen as a digitized representation of assets. The natural development of Helbling GmbH and its partners lies in the integration of these technologies. We are exploring their new fields of application and investing in them. We do not want to be just outside observers of these enormous opportunities.

Helbling GmbH’s successful investment portfolio demonstrates the effectiveness of these technologies and thus leads seamlessly to their integration into our everyday business. One of the simplest and at the same time most important aspects is cryptocurrencies. This tool allows us to easily transfer certain value formats. The characteristics of these technologies allow for high speed, efficiency and immutability.

Against this background

we are introducing a token that represents our investment activity, commitment to our partner network and our promise to our customers and, above all, makes it secure. The EVIMERO token has an intrinsic value: 10% of all revenues from the realized profits of Helbling GmbH and its partners go towards buying back the token from the open market. The repurchased tokens are distributed according to a set schedule and key, which is explained in the following section. This links several components of value for the token and the company.

Return of capital and distributions

EVIMERO will start tokenizing Helbling GmbH in the first quarter of 2022. 8% of Helbling GmbH’s monthly profit will be invested in EVIMERO’s buyback on the open market each month. 50% of it will be literally erased from the system. It is technically secured that these deleted tokens cannot be reactivated. This contributes to the deflationary and therefore value-adding nature of EVIMERO. Of the remaining 50%, 20% goes to the Helbling Foundation and 20% to the employees and 10% is distributed for Evimero Staker.

Verteilung des Rückflusses EVIMERO

Total number of EVIMERO bought back and their distribution

2% of the total monthly profit is in turn invested in BNB tokens and provided to staking programs (40%), employees (40%) and the company reserve (20%).

Benefits for token holders

EVIMERO offers significant benefits to holders of the token. The token enables them to interact with our partners’ service offerings in a unique way. When using our services for the first time, customers receive a free, tamper-proof token (NFT) that represents the business relationship between their person or company and our partners. Furthermore, interested companies can also use EVIMERO for their for their corporate activities to bring more clarity, speed and value to their business.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) allows services, real products and virtual goods to be uniquely assigned to an owner. It can be considered as a kind of access card or ID that represents the assignment to the customer’s relationship within the EVIMERO network. As the relationship develops, we issue higher level NFTs to regular customers who meet certain requirements. Higher level NFTs allow customers to secure discounts, invitations to exclusive conferences and networking events, or even exclusive products.

Flexibility and interoperability

Token holders can use their EVIMERO to receive value in the form of both BNB and additional Evimeros. This process offers token holders the opportunity to directly reap the benefits of our network’s differentiated investment approach. Our proven track record will directly impact the amount of these digital assets provided to token holders with each distribution. In this way, our network of partners and customers can directly share in the success of our portfolio. At the same time, the exposure to two fundamentally scarce digital assets grows through EVIMERO’s tech-backed mechanisms.